All About EverWing! – Game Review

All About EverWing! – Game Review

Lately I discovered a the game "EverWing" by way of Facebook Messenger. It's an online vertical scrolling shooter game in which Guardians (which is you) and their dragon Sidekicks fight against hordes of Monsters and Bosses in an effort to reclaim their kingdom. It has two modes which is Single Performed and Multiplayer.

For the Single Player mode it's the core of the game in which the gamers control the Guardians in their finishless fight to defeat totally different monsters and mini bosses. They also have Quests for single player that permits customers to send their Guardians on completely different missions, which gives them treasures which can be collected by the Guardians.
On the other hand for Multi Participant it is a cooperative multiplayer mode which allows completely different gamers to group up with their troop to defeat super-bosses which is called a ‘Boss Raid’. Boss Raids launched as an in-game occasion which differs every month.

I’ve separated the characters into three which are the Guardians, the Sidekicks and the Bosses/Monsters.
There are totally different sorts of Guardians but when you begin out you get the first Guardian who's called as "Alice" whom is named the Guardian of Courage. There are totally different Guardians with different particular skills for whom they're name of. Although with a purpose to unlock the opposite Guardians you would need to pay coins that you simply get whenever you play.

You know a game has reached the heights of greatness when a complete wiki site is dedicated to it, hundreds of videos of it have been uploaded to YouTube, hundreds of Reddit pages have been created about it, and a Facebook group web page exists for self-proclaimed addicts to the game. That's the stage that Everwing Cheat (visit the following website), the fantasy shoot ’em up game we’re reviewing as we speak, has attained.

Everwing is such a nicely designed game, it’s virtually a crime to make it free to play.

As far as we know, it's exclusively available through Facebook Messenger. We may not be getting the game by way of the App Retailer or Google Play anytime quickly, as Blackstorm Labs, its builders, are on a quest to make the "world freed from the constraints and limitations of app stores — and [they] provide the expertise to create and enable that."


In this scrolling shooter, you play Guardians—winged, fairy-like gals who use completely different kinds of bullets to shoot at oncoming monsters. Monsters themselves are winged, however theirs are bat-like in appearance compared to the chook or butterfly wings of our heroes.